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Truck accidents can cause serious, catastrophic, or fatal injuries. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a collision with a large commercial truck, contact Moore Kuehn as soon as possible. Our New York personal injury lawyers are dedicated advocates for truck accident victims.

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  • Our truck accident lawyers have experience representing clients on both sides of the dockets, which gives us unique insights into strategies of the defense.
  • We are a client-centered firm and we tailor our approach to your specific case.
  • You will always have direct access to your attorney when we represent you in a truck accident claim.

Truck Accident Statistics

As stated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS):

  • 4,102 people died in large truck crashes in the U.S. in a recent year
  • 68% of these fatalities were occupants of cars and passenger vehicles.
  • 17% of the people who died were large truck occupants.
  • 14% were motorcyclists, bicyclists, or pedestrians.
  • Large truck crashes accounted for 11% of all traffic fatalities.
  • 74% of these deaths occurred in wrecks involving tractor-trailers.
  • 62% of fatal large truck accidents were two-vehicle collisions.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Because of their enormous size and weight, large trucks can cause serious injuries in a collision with a passenger vehicle. A fully-loaded 18-wheeler can weigh up to 80,000 lbs., while the average weight of a passenger vehicle is 4,000 lbs. Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Truck driver error: Truck drivers are capable of error, like any other drivers. Accidents can occur when they drive drowsy, distracted, or under the influence of drugs, follow too closely, travel too fast for conditions, or make unsafe lane changes.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance: Commercial trucks travel many miles and are subject to considerable wear and tear. It is essential that drivers, trucking companies, and maintenance crews regularly maintain these vehicles. Worn brake pads, a cracked windshield, or other issues with the truck can lead to a major accident causing serious injuries. Truck drivers are responsible for checking the rig and submitting a vehicle maintenance report at the beginning of every shift.
  • Equipment failure: Brake failure is one of the leading contributing factors to truck accidents. Truck equipment may fail as a result of poor maintenance. Another possible cause is defective and dangerous parts. If a defective part caused equipment failure leading to an accident, the truck or parts manufacturer or a mechanic who performed repairs may be liable for resulting injuries.
  • Improper cargo loading: There are industry-specific rules governing the loading of a commercial truck, including limits set for the length, width, height, and weight of the load. Particular methods must be used to secure the cargo. If mistakes or negligence occur during the loading process, it can cause the load to fall off the truck into the road, creating a serious risk of catastrophic accidents.

Who Is Liable?

Truck accidents are complex cases involving multiple potentially liable parties. Our experienced attorneys can investigate your accident to determine cause and liability. Responsible parties may include the:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Vehicle or parts manufacturer
  • Parties responsible for truck maintenance or repairs
  • Cargo loading company

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Commercial truck accidents are high-stakes, complicated cases involving federal regulations and multiple possible parties. After a serious truck accident, call Moore Kuehn right away. We can provide the aggressive, effective representation you need to recover full and fair compensation.

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