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Safely driving a commercial truck requires special training and skill, including proper licensing and employing additional safety regulations. The massive weight and bulk of a large truck means getting into an accident with one is likely to cause major injury or even be fatal. If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident in Connecticut, call the experienced attorneys at Moore Kuehn for a free case evaluation.

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  • With over 20 years of experience, our Connecticut attorneys have practiced on both the prosecution and defense sides, which gives us a unique knowledge of the strategies of the defense.
  • We understand that each client has specific needs, so we align our legal strategies with those needs in order to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Our Connecticut attorneys will always put their clients first and you will always have direct access to your attorney.
  • We offer a free case evaluation and if we take your case, we don’t charge any fees unless we win.

Why You Need an Attorney

A passenger vehicle rarely has a chance against a large commercial truck and becoming the victim of a trucking accident can be a frightening experience. The claims process can be complicated and confusing, especially when you are trying to focus on recovering from your injuries. Don’t go through it alone. The experienced attorneys at Moore Kuehn can help you:

  • Negotiate with the insurance company
  • Pull police reports
  • Obtain the trucking company’s safety protocols and training
  • Preserve evidence that may be available in the truck’s tracking system, logbooks as required by state law, radio recordings
  • Navigate applicable state and federal trucking regulations
  • Build your case to prove the negligence of the truck driver and/or the trucking company

Truck Accident Statistics

Trucking accidents are extremely dangerous and result in a high number of injuries and fatalities each year in this country. A study reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimated that in a recent year there were:

  • 475,000 crashes involving large trucks
  • Of those crashes, 3,864 were fatal, and
  • 104,000 crashes resulted in injury
  • 83% of the fatalities were passenger vehicle drivers or passengers, bicyclists or pedestrians
  • 99,911 trucks were involved in crashes that required the vehicle(s) to be towed away

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

The FMCSA, along with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a study of 120,000 large truck crashes that occurred in recent years. A representative sampling of those crashes was taken, and each of the 963 crashes in the sampling involved at least one large truck and resulted in injury or fatality. The most common causes of accidents involving trucks and truck drivers are:

  • Brake problems
  • An interruption of the flow of traffic ahead (caused by road congestion or accidents)
  • Driving under the influence of prescription drugs
  • Driving too fast for the current road conditions
  • Unfamiliarity with the roadway

Other common causes include roadway problems, driver drug use, inadequate surveillance , nd driver fatigue.

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Negligent truck drivers can cause catastrophic injuries to other drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians on the roads. If you have been seriously injured in a trucking accident, contact the litigation team at Moore Kuehn for a free case evaluation and the help you need to aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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