Connecticut Commercial Litigation

Moore Kuehn maintains an active commercial litigation practice. We work with clients that require personalized strategies and budgets to manage their cases in the most cost-effective way possible. We strive to provide immediate comprehensive advice with preliminary judgments about the client’s exposure, the likelihood of success, and the best way to proceed. We also work directly with our clients before taking any action on their matter to alert them of the services required, the scope of the services, and an estimated budget.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have handled bench trials with issues of first impression of note endorsement, as well as well as extensive multi-day evidence hearings to determine the validity of corporate elections under Delaware law.
  • Our commercial litigation attorneys have extensive legal experience – more than 30 years.
  • Our firm has never lost a case.
  • We are distinctly client-oriented and always put your needs first.

What Is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation is a broad area of law that encompasses any type of litigation involving business issues. This type of dispute usually occurs between business, but not always. A wide range of lawsuits fall under the broad, general category of commercial litigation.

Commercial Litigation Cases We Handle

Our Connecticut attorneys have experience successfully litigating cases involving a range of commercial matters, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
  • Copyright, trademark, or patent infringement
  • Franchise agreement violations
  • Antitrust matters
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder issues
  • LLC member disputes
  • Class actions
  • Trade secrets and unfair competition
  • Securities litigation
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Real estate, land use, and environmental litigation

Common Types of Commercial Litigation

Disputes leading to commercial litigation frequently arise in several areas. Common types of commercial litigation include:

  • Cybersecurity and data breach litigation: Cybercrime and data breaches are increasing in sophistication, scale, and frequency, which is leading to increased litigation. State laws and case law provide consumers with legal avenues for relief when data security breaches occur.
  • Franchise litigation: Retail and restaurant franchises are springing up all over the nation. For every franchise that is built, there is a franchise agreement – a complex legal document controlling every aspect of the franchise and specifying the responsibilities of both parties. When a franchise agreement is violated, either by the franchisor or the franchisee, it can give rise to franchise litigation.
  • Corporate and LLC litigation: This commercial litigation subcategory encompasses many possible areas of conflict. Corporate litigation may arise from: Corporate mergers and acquisitions; disputes regarding corporate management and control; shareholder disputes; non-compete agreements; non-disclosure agreements; LLC member disputes; or employment agreements.
  • Intellectual property litigation: Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are valuable assets for the companies that own them and a main source of revenue in many cases. Infringement of patents or other intellectual property can lead to commercial litigation.
  • Commercial real estate litigation: This type of litigation involves income-producing properties and projects. It may involve apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels, industrial and specialty properties, office buildings, and retail businesses. Commercial real estate litigation may arise in areas of financing, acquisition, construction, or development.
  • Deceptive trade litigation: Also referred to as fraud, deceptive trade is an attempt to deceive consumers so they will purchase a product or service. Commercial fraud litigation frequently involves false advertising.

Why You Need a Lawyer

If your business is facing litigation or the threat of a lawsuit, the sooner you involve an experienced commercial litigation attorney, the better. It is a necessary expense that can help maintain your company’s bottom line. Our Connecticut commercial litigation lawyers focus on custom-tailored legal strategies aimed at achieving cost-effective solutions. We can help you get it done right, while saving you time and money, so you can focus on your business instead of the legal issues you are facing.

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Our Connecticut trial lawyers at Moore Kuehn have significant commercial litigation experience and a history of successful outcomes for our clients. We offer a free and confidential case evaluation and never charge a fee until we win your case. Call us right away for sound legal counsel if you are facing commercial litigation.

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