Moore Kuehn files premises liability suits in New York and Connecticut

Unmarked wet, slippery, or other dangerous conditions in commercial properties can lead to serious injuries.  In most states, a property manager, owner of a commercial property, or landlord are under a duty to use reasonable care to keep portions of their properties in a reasonably safe condition.  Nursing homes, multi-unit residential buildings, concert venues, and other commercial properties are a few places in which owners have a duty to keep it safe. Injured invitees and licensees can recover for injuries from falls and other accidents when this duty is breached.

Moore Kuehn recently filed a Connecticut case against defendant nursing home Bridgeport Health Care Center INC. d/b/a Bridgeport Manor (BHCC) for breach of that duty after their resident fell breaking her hip.  Moore Kuehn also filed a similar case in New York against Madison Square Garden.   The injuries in both cases required extensive inpatient surgery.  In addition to surgery, many months of a rehabilitation program were also necessary.

Moore Kuehn has extensive experience representing injured persons for unsafe condition injuries.  If you or someone you know has been injured from an unsafe condition, please contact

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