Justin Kuehn travels to London for international mediation

Moore Kuehn often handles mediations for clients looking to resolve their cases without the expense and delay of going to trial.  Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method in which a mediator helps the parties understand the value of the case so that a lawsuit can be settled without going to trial. The mediator does not decide the merits or truth of the case. Rather, the mediator helps the parties agree to a compromised settlement. The mediator is neutral and does not pick sides. The mediator points out areas of weakness and benefits of settling to both sides. No party can be forced to settle.

Mediation can also work with business disputes involving parties in different countries.  Justin Kuehn recently traveled to London, England to mediate a case involving parties from the U.S., Nigeria, and England. The matter mediated involved a complex commercial dispute in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.  Moore Kuehn’s efforts to mediate this matter, and others like it, demonstrate our commitment to act to efficiently to find creative solutions for our clients rather than to simply engage in costly and timely litigation.

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