Insurance company reverses decision to deny no fault benefits in NY car accident

Under New York no-fault insurance laws, persons injured in car accidents must first request no-fault insurance coverage from their own car insurer or the insurer for the driver of the car in which they were riding.  This is known as no-fault insurance coverage.    No fault can pay up to $50,000 worth of medical bills or lost wages, but applications must be filed within 30 days of the accident.  Missing the application deadline may prevent injured persons from receiving no-fault payments for medical bills or lost wages.

Even timely applications for no fault can be denied by insurance companies.  This may be especially true when applications are filed without the assistance of an attorney.  No fault denials can be challenged in arbitration.  Moore Kuehn has experience filing for arbitration to reverse no-fault denials, and was recently successful in appealing an insurance company’s denial of no-fault benefits so that their client received the maximum amount of compensation they deserved under the law.

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